HeadshotThere are so many people putting action into their dreams. It’s incredibly inspiring and unlike anything I’ve ever known before. Austin allowed me to Evolve from the inside out. Hi! I’m DebbieJayne, a spunky little Firecracker, photographer and a student of life. My health ultimately became the driving force towards choosing a path as an entrepreneur. However my passion was ignited by a camera. I’ve been shooting for a little over 3 years and immediately devoted my life to it. I’ve started a small business that offers: photography, B-Roll video/basic live-streaming, some event production, dabbled in promotions & marketing, a little style consulting and am currently doing everything I am able to become Austin’s Event Photographer and a resource unlike any other. If you’d like to collaborate on some Incredible Ideas, Don’t hesitate- Contact Me. Look for FOCUSOGRAPHY™ events, festivals and happenings poppin’ up around Austin. BTW, My favorite part is meeting each one of you! The stories ~ woooo. Keep ’em coming, guys! You make this all worth it! Thank You.

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Definition of FOCUSOGRAPHY™:

The idea of bringing photography, social networking and community, together to market and promote all that entails the music and art scene (currently only in Austin, Texas).

January 2012 – Present

Born in Austin, Texas, FOCUSOGRAPHY™ Media is a multi-tiered concept revolving around Media, Events, Culture and more. FOCUSOGRAPHY™ focuses on all levels of the arts by participating in non-profit fundraisers, community events, social VIP events, festivals and more…

Currently, FOCUSOGRAPHY’s™ primary focus is currently curating it’s content around the Music, Arts & Cultural events involving community within the Austin city limits. It will offer resource options, networking tools, as well as, technical & business advice to performance artists who calls Austin- “home.”